• Posted by Meghan on 25 Jun 2011

Our baby boy is quickly disappearing and being replaced by a toddler!  Andy is into everything these days and is definitely all boy.  He constantly wants to push buttons, play with wheels, and climb on everything.  He’s figured out how to climb up on to the dining room chairs and help himself to any food that happens to be laying on the table.  He runs every place and really likes to play in the dirt and mud, which there is plenty of here.

Andy has entered a destructive stage which I’m hoping ends quickly.  Poor Rahab (our house help) has to keep the doors closed after she cleans or Andy will make a complete wreck in the room within moments.  While Mom, Dad and Colin were here, Mom started comparing him to Dennis the Menace and I’m sad to say that there are a lot of similarities.  He still has brief moments of sweetness where he will run up and give you a hug or a kiss, but those are usually followed immediately with a quick slap to the face or a pinch on the lips.

He is talking a lot and says more than 20 words consistently.  We hear a lot of “No no no!” and “Up please.” Yesterday we clipped the end of his baa (pacifier) in an effort to end the habit.  He still tries to suck on it but ends up just holding it in his hand.  We’re planning to give it a week or so and then get rid of it all together.  Last night he went down without a fuss and slept until 5am.  He cried a couple of times between 5-6 but then slept until 8:15.  We’re counting it a successful first night without a paci!

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