• Posted by Meghan on 28 Sep 2011

Whew!  We have had a busy week and Andy turning 19 months kind of blew right past us.  We spent the past week sitting on the floor of our kitchen and porch potty training Andy.  He did a REALLY great job, much better than Ben and I thought he would do.  He can hold it for a really long time but goes almost every time that he is on the potty.  He tells us when he needs to go potty if we haven’t checked with him in a while and tonight he peed and pooped while we were out to eat.  He has been dry after his naps this week, although I think he wet his pull-up a bit while we were at the grocery store.

Andy is getting more and more talkative as the days go by.  He is in to labeling everything/everyone right now so he will walk around the room pointing and naming things.  He LOVES the two younger kids (Ellana and Gavin) and gets really excited when he sees them.  He’s pretty sweet with them although he wants to hug them all the time and his hugs aren’t always very gentle.

He’s just very much a boy.  He loves his cars and trucks, wants to play in the mud and dirt and likes to eat.  He is very busy during the day and we have to keep an eye on him constantly.  Andy still has his snuggly side which is nice.  He loves to be a burrito: wrapped up in his blanket and cuddled.  And you can pretty much always count on him for a good hug and kiss.

This is a picture of Andy holding our neighbor’s baby.  He was very sweet and loved holding her.

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  1. Lyn Says:

    He is just too darn precious for words!! Yor mama is getting very excited….even it it’s NOT by Oct 15th that we get to see you….;-)

  2. Mom Says:

    Gosh, he usually looks so big and grown up but his head looks little here 🙂 Happy to see him as the big boy!!

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