• Posted by Meghan on 22 Oct 2011

Wow!  How did my baby get so old?!  Andy is talking so much more now and starting to put a few words together to explain himself.  He repeats everything we (or others) say, which can be very funny.  Today he said, “Oh snap!”  Hahaha!  We have no idea where he heard that.  He has started to gallop and can jump off of both feet occasionally without falling down.  He has a couple of songs that he sings and is very concerned about boo boos these days.

Andy’s imagination is starting to kick in and the other day he came up to me patting his Twiga and said, “Baby.”  I said to him, “What is your baby’s name?” And he told me, “Andrew!”  So now half the time Twiga is Twiga and the other half of the time Twiga is Baby Andrew.

Andy’s bed has become a safe zone for him and now anytime he gets in trouble or is upset he asks to go to his bed where he snuggles up with his blankie and Twigas.

A child psychiatrist is here and she described Andy as a Labrador.  He thinks he’s a lap dog and doesn’t realize how big he really is.  As a result of this, Andy is getting very good at saying ‘sorry’ for knocking Gavin and Ellana over or crashing into other people when they aren’t prepared for him diving into their laps.  Most of the time this is done in love and an attempt to snuggle, so at least it’s with good intentions.


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