• Posted by Meghan on 07 Oct 2011

The time has come to pray like you’ve never prayed before!  On Monday, October 17, we have our visa interview at 9am.  (That’s 2am for most of you, so pray hard before going to bed next Sunday night).

We are still waiting on our travel order- a critical piece of documentation- but hopefully that will be ready next week.  Our lawyer didn’t realize our visa appointment was on the 17th, so he scheduled to hear the verdict on the travel order for Oct. 18.  Please pray with us that he is able to get in to see the magistrate next week, since we can’t go to the interview without it.

Otherwise, we have all of our supporting documents gathered together.  I’ve gone over the information they are looking for countless times, and feel pretty prepared.  The big thing is that they need to know we will return to Kenya.  We obviously plan to come back, since we need to finish Eden’s adoption, so we hope that won’t be an issue.

Last time the visa process seemed easy but we’ve heard that they are more selective with the visas now and the process has changed since we applied for Eden’s two years ago.  Please pray that we will have all of our documents, that the kids will be lovely while we wait and are interviewed and that the consular officer will recognize how important it is that we ALL come home for Gracie to be born .

We will post something as soon as we know!

4 Responses to “Calling All Prayer Warriors!”

  1. Deda Says:

    Continuing to pray!!!

  2. nana Says:

    we will FERVENTLY pray that the Lord will pave the way for you prior to your interviews so that everthing will go smoothly as it has so far-you are always prayed for but this gives us a specific prayer to petition for on the 17th. 🙂

  3. Lyn Watson Says:

    Continuing to pray….for a sense of calm and peace as you answer their questions with wisdom and assurance and for the answer to come quickly- trusting God in all. As a very wise woman likes to remind me…..”God is on His throne”

  4. Carey Says:

    Praying! Love you all! Miss you bunches and bunches!!!!!!

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