• Posted by Ben on 22 Oct 2011

Sorry to keep you all in suspense! Our lawyer went to court on Tuesday and was nearly successful in getting the Kenyan travel order. The only problem was that it had the specific departure date of Dec 1st, our original travel date. We’re planning on leaving early so its safer for Meghan + Gracie and so we could fly home with Deda and Donna (4 extra hands! Woohoo!) on Nov 6th. The other minor glitch was that the magistrate wanted another proof of ownership (“search”) done on Sam’s land that we’re using as collateral. We’re not really sure why though, because the court has had the title in their possession since the last search in 2009. The problem with all this was the tight timeline: Thursday was a Kenyan holiday and we head to Nairobi on Sunday. So that left only Wednesday to get the search done and Friday for Were to go to court!

Things fell right into place though! I called Sam to see if he could rush down to Nakuru to get the search but he was already in Nakuru! So he got that and we delivered it early Friday morning to Were. He went to court at 2:30pm on a “rush” appointment to argue for an earlier leave time and to present the search. He was successful! The magistrate agreed to all terms and we now have the order and are ready for the embassy!

Our appointment at the US Embassy is on Monday at 9:30. Pray that they see the importance of the situation and approve the temporary visitor’s visa for Eden!

Were and his newest assistant!


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