• Posted by Meghan on 30 Jan 2012

We’ve been back together for over a week and we’re loving it!  Eden and Andy are so happy to be together and follow each other around playing and hugging each other.  We haven’t settled into a routine, but are certainly happy and adjusting.  Eden is still doing a lot of processing.  She talks about riding on the plane and leaving Eldoret saying “Now I live in the US!”.  Andy gets very concerned if Eden and Ben aren’t near by and then needs to know where they are. Ben was able to squeeze in two days of work this week and now he is off for the next couple of weeks to help us all recover from the arrival of Grace (see next post).

We’re all enjoying being a family of 5 and getting into a new “normal”.  We will post more pictures soon, but here are a few from our reunion at the airport.


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