• Posted by Meghan on 28 Mar 2012

Grace is now 2 months old and is doing really well! She has pretty much recovered from the RSV and just has an occasional cough and nighttime stuffiness now. She still has the best nights when we steam her in the shower before bed. We are getting Grace into a good routine, which is good for all of us. She gets a bottle and goes to bed at 8 then eats before I go to bed, then she sleeps until 5am, then until 8am. We all feel better now that we’re getting more sleep.

Grace is awake a lot more during the day and smiles often. She looks for Ben when she hears his voice after work and when she saw him walk into the room today at the doctor’s office she gave him a HUGE smile! She loves to sit with Eden and listen to Eden tell her stories and she often “talks” back to Eden.

We had Gracie’s two month checkup today and she weighs 9 lbs, 10 oz and is 22 inches long as of today! She looks so big, but she is almost the exact same size that Andy was at 2 weeks. 🙂

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