• Posted by Meghan on 17 Dec 2012

Since Grace will be 11 months next week, it seemed like we ought to go ahead and do a post about her being 10 months! Poor third child… 😉

Grace is busy spending her time chasing Eden and crawling away from Andy. She’s pretty quick and when she really wants to pour on the speed she ducks her head down and crawls so fast! She has pretty much dropped her third nap, taking a very long afternoon nap instead. And she has been sleeping through the night without a an early morning feeding for a little over a week. That means she’s sleeping 12 hours straight which is good for all of us!

Gracie has caught another cold, but doesn’t seem too bothered by it. She is still eating well and really likes the squeeze packs because she can feed herself with them. We love them because they are easy to travel with and don’t require a spoon! Grace’s front two teeth are finally coming in and we’re very happy that her fangs won’t be quite so prominent.

We recently had friends staying with us and Grace was really interested in their baby. She loved to pull herself up on the baby swing to peek at him or crawl over and stare at him on the floor. She was even nice about crying sympathetically when he cried.

We’re looking forward to Grace’s first Christmas and her first birthday which will be here soon!

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  1. Lyn Watson Says:

    She’s a beauty!

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