• Posted by Meghan on 04 Sep 2013

This has been a busy month for Grace because she is potty trained! She is just the cutest little stinker, and as soon as Ben and I decided that we were going to wait to potty train her until next summer, she went ahead and potty trained herself! It started on a Sunday with her randomly announcing that she needed to go #2. She sat down on the potty and did it. I spent the following few days doing minimal potty training which basically consisted of following her naked self around with a little potty. She had a few accidents, but since the weather was nice most of them were outside. By Friday she had a pretty good handle on things and Saturday morning she woke up screaming at 3am because she had to go potty. Her diaper was dry and Ben took her to the bathroom and we’ve been on a roll ever since.

She’s had a couple of accidents since then but those occurred when Ben and I weren’t there, so we’re not too concerned about it. She prefers a big potty and already likes to check out the bathroom everywhere we go. She’s wearing big girl undies which are big on her, but she loves them.

Grace has also started to gain weight so the high calorie diet is working! We’ve had to make a few adjustments, but overall it’s been fairly easy.

Gracie loves the water and has really enjoyed being at the pool this summer. I think she’s resigned herself to the fact that we won’t let her just swim around in the big pool by herself and seems to be happy in her floatie now. When it’s not too crowded she can just float on her back around the shallow end next to us while the kids play and she likes that she’s not being held by one of us.

Here’s a picture of Grace on the potty!


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