• Posted by Meghan on 23 Nov 2014

Sarah is growing so quickly! She gained 3 lbs in a month weighing in at 10lbs, 7 oz at her two month appointment. She has started smiling and now seems like a very happy baby! She likes her paci and her siblings (especially Andy!) and also bath time. She’s still sleeping pretty well, even though we keep messing with her schedule as we try to find a routine that works well for us and for her.

She has her first stuffy nose and is a good sport despite not being able to breathe very well. She has also started talking more, which thrills the big kids to no end. They mimic every peep she makes and announce to the entire house when she talks to them. 🙂

Sarah went on her first and second road trip this month and was a champ in the car! She slept most of the time she was in her car seat and did great in different surroundings. Sarah can’t wait for her next trip to West Lafayette and her first Thanksgiving!


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