• Posted by Meghan on 17 Dec 2014

Sarah is now 3 months old and is growing and changing so quickly! She’s very smiley these days and so laid back and easy going that I am occasionally late to feed her or change her diaper. She rarely cries or screeches, but she is “talking” a lot. The big kids still love her and constantly tell us how cute, adorable, beautiful and smiley she is. She enjoys all of their attention and loves to sit and stare at them when they hold her.

Sarah is about to outgrow her 3 month clothes and is sleeping like a champ! She doesn’t go to see the doctor until December 31st, but I can tell that she’s heavier. She has chunky cheeks (like her brother did!) and a very round little face which the kids like to poke. She sleeps from 9pm to 5am which Mommy loves and has settled into a really good schedule, taking a short morning and evening nap and a long afternoon nap which occurs while the big kids nap as well, which is SO nice for Mommy!




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