• Posted by Meghan on 12 Feb 2015

It’s hard to believe that Grace is 3 already! She certainly acts like a 3 year old, but still looks like a 2 year old. We finally had her appointment last week and she weighed a massive 23 lbs (fully clothed) and is 35 inches tall. The nurse said, “You’re such a peanut!” and Gracie told her, “I not a peanut! I Dracie!”

Grace has become quite an attention hog, which often ticks off her big sister. She sings and dances like a ballerina and loves to snuggle up in our laps or ask to be in a family hug. She’s also really funny these days saying all kinds of grown up things and then the next minute crossing her arms and harumphing while she pouts. She’s also mastered a really funny fake cry which is pretty realistic, but just makes us laugh. Her favorite foods are oatmeal and salad and she often chooses bananas over sweets.

She started gymnastics in January and LOVES it. It’s so funny to watch her in her own class out in the gym. At her first class they warmed up in the front, then were told to put their hands on their hips and follow their teacher over to the beams. Grace stood up, put her hands on her hips and started to walk away. Then she stopped, turned her head toward me and gave me a big wink before heading on to the beams.

Gracie is very interested in princesses and loves to wear “bootiful” clothes and carry wands. She likes having her hair braided like Elsa and getting her nails painted. She can’t wait to go to school next year and thinks she’s big stuff because she was promoted out of the baby hallway at church. Grace is constantly collecting things: loose change, glass stones, small toys, beads, etc. and tucks them into her socks, shoes and purses, claiming them as hers. She is very proud to be a big sister and loves holding Sarah and is, for the most part, quick to try to please others. You can count on Grace to be a “helper”, especially when it comes to helping me cook. 🙂


2 Responses to “Grace is 3!”

  1. Lyn Watson Says:

    Princess Grace for sure/ destined for great things!!

  2. Papa Says:

    Grace is certainly a total crack up. It is a blessing to have her in our family.

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