• Posted by Meghan on 17 Apr 2015

Gosh this past month just flew by! At seven months Sarah is just as smiley and happy as ever! She is very good at sitting up, she loves playing in her exersaucer, she chews on everything and has 4 bumps in her gums where teeth are starting to work their way through. She’s eating all kinds of baby food now and has started using her sippy cup. IMG_20150402_181715762

Sarah went on her first big road trip to Pittsburgh and was wonderful in the car! She chatted to herself and to Eden, she played with toys and slept, but she never cried. I actually took all 4 kids by myself on that trip and after I survived that I think I could survive anything!

We’ve enjoyed getting outside in the warm weather and Sarah has had fun in her swing. She likes to take rides in the stroller and sat in the grass for a bit this week.

We had a bit of a rough patch with Sarah’s sleeping but Daddy figured out the trick and now she’s sleeping in two pairs of pajamas and warm and snuggled in bed and back to sleeping through the night. We also thought something was going on with her ear because she was pulling at it all the time, but it turns out that she just didn’t like her hair tickling her ear and a quick trim by a friend fixed that issue.


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